Test facilities, devices, models

Saw bench

Saw bench with diamond-mounted cutting disk and frequency-regulated engine to cut silicon carbide panels with horizontally adjustable universal stop units.

(Diagram without casing and dust extraction.)

Inspection and tracing gauge

Combined inspection and tracing gauge for a HGV windscreen wiper. The mounting mandrels, installed on the precision sliding carriages, correspond to the three-dimensional fixed bodywork points and are secured with unmanipulable fixed stops around the permitted tolerance. In addition, the axis rotary angle is measured using the motor drive of the wiper system.

Rotary Testing Facilities

The fully-automated rotary testing facilities inspect the geometric and mechanical properties of industrial ceramic panels. After measuring the density of the parts, a bending test is carried out and a force-deflection graph is produced. The capacity is 720 parts per hour.

Online Delta-p Test Facility

With help from the test assembly, a one-hundred percent inspection of cabin air filters is carried out. After entering a volume current value, the inspection takes place by determining the differential pressure on the relevant filter. Measured data, air temperature and moisture and the ambient pressure are recorded.

From one handling, the filters are deposited on the conveyor belt, recognised through the light sensor and moved into the test position. Using the preselected tolerance values, the filter is sorted out from the test facility. A Siemens panel PC with touch-screen display is used for operation.

Differential Pressure Test Facility

The differential pressure test facility is used to determine the permeability of filters by gases and aerosols. This mobile test unit can be flexibly used in production and can be used for random testing. The inspection data is recorded on the PC and prepared for further processing.

Developed in cooperation with fiatec -http://www.fiatec.com

Rail Wagons

Platform trucks for kiln loading of baking items for right-angled positioning of max. 10 tonne wagons. Traction drive can be switched in two levels using frequency-regulated spur-gear drive motors. One-handle central locking for transverse wagons.

Casting Equipment

Casting equipment to manufacture steel pipes made of high-quality industrial ceramics for dimensions diam. = 100 mm and a length of 3m.

Production of a Calking Press

Calking press to close assembly rivets in a metal butt strap, designed for a disabled workshop.

Charging: manual
Processing: automatic
Safety: absolute

Special attention was dedicated to the user safety and ergonomics during this construction in order to prevent operators from developing injuries and posture problems.