mavo press LP 1000-540/50

10MN multi-anvil press with Walker-type module for syntheses under high pressure / at high temperatures in scientific and research facilities. Very precise control of high pressures.

The press has been designed as a downstroke press (working cylinder bolted to the head plate, piston pointing downwards) with one cylinder and a working stroke of 50 mm. It is equipped with a simple, conventional hydraulic system to carry out high-speed movements in the low-pressure range for approaching the tool or for a quick opening of the press through touch buttons (manually) or through the control system (automatically). In automatic operation, these movements are monitored by sensors.

The pressure control in the high-pressure range is effected by a dynamically actuated servo gearmotor which acts onto the pressure transmitter through a low-backlash spindle lifting element. A press capacity of 10 MN is achieved at the maximum hydraulic pressure of 700 bar.

The actual pressure values are monitored and transmitted to the control system by means of two highly precise digital pressure transducers in the pressure transmitter and in the working cylinder. The maximum control deviation is +/- 0.5 bar. The set pressure values are transmitted to the press control system (Siemens S7) through a serial RS-232 interface, e. g. with a PC.

It is possible to process up to 20 segments to generate user-defined pressure curves, each comprising one pressure value and one time value. The press control system also transmits the actual pressure values and status messages of the press to the PC. Calculation of the pressure curves, the dynamic control of the servo motor and the comparison of set values and actual values are exclusively performed in the press control system.

The dynamic servo motor control system makes it possible to conduct very steep or very flat pressure curves without generating oscillations and thus without pressure fluctuations in the hydraulic system. As only the servo motor is actuated in automatic operation to generate the pressure, the press has a very low noise level and is particularly suited for laboratory use. This type of control has proven to be trouble-free and low-maintenance in long-term usage. Consulting, design, manufacturing and assembly including PLC control and LabView application to display and log the process curves on a PC - with us, you get all this from one source. You will receive a design drawing as 3D model for presentation purposes and as a basis for discussions with the end customer.

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