Let us introduce ourselves

The machinery construction company Max Voggenreiter GmbH, based in Mainleus, was founded in 1970 by Mr. Max Voggenreiter. The initial one-man operation was continually expanded and at first adapted to the diverse Upper Franconian industrial requirements. Soon, the company was known throughout the region for its service and quality and was recommended by our customers. Today, the company is active throughout Europe with about 35 employees and has a solid client base both nationally and internationally.

Through the increasing investment measures, the production options of the company were able to be decisively expanded. In this way, the production premises were expanded to be generous in size and CNC-controlled tool machines and computer-controlled measuring equipment, as well as efficient CAD/CAM systems were installed. The use of state-of-the-art communication and ICT systems makes it possible for us to have the best contact to our customers in terms of administration and enables us to implement the desired reliable, safe and functional products as quickly as possibly.

From the very beginning, special attention was dedicated to construction work. With sophisticated solutions, we are able convincingly complete the task set for us by our customers.

40 years

of partnership with industry

and research

Thomas Voggenreiter
Managing partner
Master craftsman of precision mechanic
State-certified engineer

Max Voggenreiter
Company's founder
Master mechanical engineer, State-certified
engineer, Electrical engineering technician

Staff development at Max Voggenreiter GmbH is operated very carefully. Above-average company-internal training of apprentices and the constant technical training of our staff are the guarantors of our employees nowadays, as well as being the reasons for the extremely low staff fluctuation. With this motivation, it is ensured, among other things, that the immense challenge of industry and research is met. Customer satisfaction and, not least, the 2005 Bavarian State Prize vouch for successful production and organisation.

Bavarian State Prize
57th International Trade Fair
Munich 2005

The Company is now in its 2nd generation of management and ensures a seamless transition from the tradition to new perspectives as a result of the long-term support of the company founder.

Max Voggenreiter GmbH places significance on traditional techniques and combines these with state-of-the-art technology and high-tech procedures. A large range of services and high quality requirements demand the most advanced technical knowledge. The most economically advantageous technique is used for each production step. Tradition, innovation and progress are the foundations for today's quality standard.

The experience and commitment of our employees is valued in all sections. The highly qualified specialists are characterised by their competence from acceptance of the assignment, through to production, delivery and assembly.