mavo press LPU 1000-300/30

Mechanical layout:
The press frame consists of statically safe ground finish head and table plates with four circular columns. The hydraulic system is installed next to the press. Upstroke press version. The piston is integrated into the press table. Control unit, press and hydraulic system are connected by the machine base.

The pressure intensifier‘s dimensions are large enough to enable a piston stroke of approx. 7 mm in one movement. This has proven to be efficient in a series of tests which have been performed. If increased stroke is needed during the execution of tests, the pressure inten-sifier is automatically re-filled via the control software and the current pressure is maintained largely constant during this time (approx. 1 minute).

The supplied press includes a SPS control unit (Siemens) enabling the manual operation of the press in low and high pressure operation. The switch cabinet houses a digital pressure indicator. The press itself has an analogue manometer. All important switching states and values can be transmitted to a PC via the Ethernet interface. The PC, on the other hand, presets target timing and pressure values.

Software for press control via PC

  • The desired target pressure and timing values are transmitted to the press and status messages and actual values are read-out of the press control unit via Ethernet
  • A maximum of 20 segments consisting of pressure and timing values can be entered and then be applied by the press
  • The complete program flow can be saved and the target value curve can be shown on the display
  • Status information regarding the operating state of the press are displayed
  • Graphical representation of actual values in form of a pressure-time-diagram
  • Actual pressure and timing values are written into a text file during the execution of the test to allow the subsequent evaluation using other programs (e.g. Excel)

Option: Module heating, integrated in press switch cabinet, consisting of:

  • Heating system control with transformer 400V 3000VA with secondary connection 6V/500A, transformer protection device and emergency stop
  • 1 thyristor controller 400V 16A
  • 1 temperature controller (Eurotherm 3504), serial RS232 interface for load graph specifications
  • Extension SPS software and data exchange with logging PC
  • Extension module for press software for control, visualization and data acquisition of heating parameters via PC
  • Components integrated in press switch cabinet
  • 2 electric cables for heating system 3m 1x300 mm² with 2 cable terminals
  • Contact bar, base material copper 80 x 10 mm, all sides neatly finished and nickel plated. Bar with appropriate isolation for installation on press
  • Extension circuit diagram

The heating system control uses some of the hardware and software components of the press and can only be operated in combination with the press.

Option: Tool handling for shuttle mode operation with two press tools

During production, it is especially rational to use two tools at each press: one tool can be prepared outside of the press while a second tool performs the pressing process. The tools are changed automatically by means of pneumatic cylinders. Including all required sensors and pneumatic valves and extension of the control hardware and software for partially automated shuttle mode operation.

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