mavo pos LST2 1000-1000-100/360/2

Coordinate table for positioning large and heavy pieces of up to 2,000 kg, e. g. in an X-ray beam.

The working table with a diameter of 1,000 mm is spaciously dimensioned and equipped with fastening threads. The working table as well as the base plate are made of granite.

Benefits of the granite plates:

  • free from distortion and stress
  • temperature-resistant
  • hard and resistant to wear
  • non-magnetic and non-conductive
  • rust-proof and acid-resistant

The drive systems are servo gearmotors with ground ball thread spindles and absolute displacement measuring systems. The rotating axis is driven by a harmonic drive gear with an angle measuring system directly flange-mounted to it. Linear guides are used as roll circulation guides.

The equipment can be operated from a mobile operating device or from a PC through the software interface.

The coordinate table can be adjusted on request, for example for smaller loads or different displacement distances.

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