mavo press LPS 5-500/100

500kN laboratory press, e. g. for producing ceramic plates

Hydraulic systems are closely associated with noise, heat and dirt. The servomotor-driven spindle press depicted here, however, has a very low noise level. The selection of press capacity, position and speed is infinitely variable.

Press with control system and pneumatic valves to trigger the ejector and the filling mechanism. The valves are included in the program sequence as re-quested. The upper plunger is firmly attached to the press brace in an exchange element and the lower plunger is seated on the movable spindle. The press closes from below.

Design of the press:

  • Upstroke press with a servomotor-driven spindle,
    frame structure with two drawbars and height-adjustable press brace
  • Modes of operation: manually, displacement control, force control
  • Software to display and store the process curves on a windows PC

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