MavoPress KP 100

High-performance calibrating and embossing press

The MavoPress KP 100 is a universally usable, electro-hydraulically driven 1000 kN press
for industrial series production. Through the compact construction with high rigidity and
low warpage of the pressing table and plunger, it is particularly suitable for embossing
and calibrating finished sizes.

  • High-precision calibration and embossing technology in 1/100 mm area
  • Short cycle times through efficient hydraulics
  • Press-bear insensitive to transverse forces through four die sets
  • Pressure-dependent or stroke-dependent control
  • Central lubrication
  • EC type-examination tested
  • Expandable with handling or robot systems for automatic insertion
    and removal of parts

Through the hydraulic unit, reliably cooled by a bypass filter cooler, with quality regulating pump, the MavoPress KP 100 has been developed for the hardest continuous operation in 3-shift operation.

The operating types such as set-up, manual and automatic operation, as well as important press parameters such as press pressure, press time and electronic limit switch, can be comfortably set from the central operating pendulum. The set target values and current values are then shown on the operator panel.

The operator is optimally protected by the use of an inspected press safety block in connection with a guardrail for the plunger and the two-channel activated safety light grid.

It goes without saying that the MavoPress KP 100 with the fully-fledged system control is always open for further automation levels or interlinking with existing systems.