mavo press LPT 800-400/50

8MN Rotating multi-anvil press with Walker-type module for syntheses under high pressure / at high temperatures in scientific and research facilities. Very precise control of high pressures.

The press has a total weight of 6 tons, it is supported in its centre of gravity and can thus carry out pivoting +/- 180° or continuous rotary motions about the hori-zontal axis. The rotational speed can be set between 0.5°/s and 5°/s.

The lines for electricity, hydraulics and cooling water are supplied using special rotary distributors. Pressures and temperatures can be precisely measured by Profibus-DP.

The rotational or pivoting motion prevents the separation of solid and liquid components in a melted mass in high-pressure experiments.

Consulting, design, manufacturing and assembly including PLC control and LabView application to display and log the process curves on a PC - with us, you get all this from one source.

You will receive a design drawing as 3D model for presentation purposes and as a basis for discussions with the end customer.

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