mavo press LPP 150-500/100

1,500kN/750kN powder press with main and reversion movement of two working cylinders with high-precision compression technology and electronic displacement measuring.

The aluminium oxide, magnesium oxide or silicon oxide
powder is compressed into different shapes with a size of
up to 150 x 150 x 150 mm.

A highly homogeneous density is achieved in the finished pressed workpiece by the reversion movement of the press table during the compression process.

The press can be equipped with a powder dosing device for filling and scraping of various granulated mixtures as well as shaping and filling receptacles.

Consulting, design, manufacturing and assembly including PLC control and LabView application to display and log the process curves on a PC - with us, you get all this from one source.

You will receive a design drawing as 3D model for presentation purposes and as a basis for discussions with the end customer.