Cubic Multianvil Press 6x8MN with Multi- Axis Stage

Cubic Multianvil Press 6x8MN

Cubic Multianvil Press with 6 independently controllable plungers which are hydraulically driven and arranged in opposite pairs. In contrast to uniaxial presses equipped with Walker-type, DIA, D-DIA or split-cylinder high-pressure tools, the 6 pistons of this press act directly and without loss by friction onto the cubic test specimen.

Technical design:

  • 6 hydraulic synchronising cylinders, identical in design, with double piston guide, double-acting with internal distortion lock, piston stroke 100mm, piston diameter 500mm, rod diameter 300mm, incl. fastening threads, press capacity max. 8MN at 630bar.
  • Press frame, consisting of 4x4 frame plates made of 42CrMo4 in opposite arrangement; attached to the head and table plates, which have been measured with static safety, by special bolts.
  • All cylinders are equipped with displacement sensors, accuracy 0.001 mm
  • Guideway and hydraulic cylinder with clamp head to shift the lower, vertically arranged cylinder out of the centre of the press for maintenance work
  • Basic equipment with electrically insulated adapter pieces and hardened plungers for 32mm hard metal cubes.
  • Stairs on four sides to ensure easy access to the tool mounting space for the operator
  • Protective enclosure with doors and safety door switches with locking
  • Hydraulic aggregate for independent outward or inward movement of the cylinders in a low-pressure range of up to 50 bar, two velocities for precise positioning of the cylinders at the start of a test using the displacement sensors
  • 6 High-pressure stations incl. sensors for precise pressure monitoring during the tests, each consisting of one servo gearmotor with control, ball-type linear drive and plunger cylinder incl. all necessary valves and analogue pressure gauge 0 to 1000 bar

Total weight of the press construction approx. 50 tons

Multi- Axis Stage

The positioning construction is to be needed to aline in the neutron beam and
will move the press in following axis:

  • Each +/-100mm in X, Y and Z direction
  • Around the vertical axis of rotation with +/- 15° rotation angle, located above the X-Y-axis,
    this will make sure that always be turned around the press center
  • positioning accuracy 0,1mm (actually better +/-0,02mm)

Total weight of the press construction approx. 25 tons

Total weight of the equipment approx. 75 tons